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Hi! I hope you'll find some recipes you enjoy here. I'm hoping to keep this updated as I discover new recipes, so check back for new things!


I wasn't originally planning to make a website. As my binder of printed-out recipes began to overflow, I considered consolidating the information in a Google doc. But I have lots of friends and family who are curious about eating more plant-based meals, and they sometimes ask me what I like to cook. It's hard to answer, because there are so many things! So I figured I'd put it all here, and then it's easy to share with anyone. 

You'll notice that many of the recipes include calorie estimates. I usually make those calculations for myself, using the MyNetDiary app. The estimates are imprecise, mostly because I usually like to do them based on volume (usually one cup of whatever it is), but it's hard to estimate the total volume of a recipe. It's something that I've put a fair amount of work into (measuring the volume of all of my pots, etc.), so even though it's imprecise and I know most people don't use calorie information, I figured I'd share it for anyone who does. 

You might also notice that there are very few desserts here. Most vegan blogs are overflowing with dessert recipes, so there are plenty of places to look if you'd like some inspiration. I'm usually focused on cooking hearty, healthy meals, so for the most part those are the types of recipes that you'll find here. Enjoy!


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